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Turn sunlight into electricity with the help of premium rooftop solar panels. It's easy to reach for the sun with Reliant. We can help expand your solar footprint by introducing you to our preferred solar panel installers. When you sign up through Reliant, you get a free rooftop consultation.
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Solar Panel Installation
How home solar works through Reliant

When you sign up through Reliant, we'll help point you in the right direction for your installation. A Solar Specialist will answer all of your questions about the process and time frame. Our preferred installer will work with you to guide you through each step. Depending on HOA and permitting requirements, the process takes approximately six to 10 weeks, with approximately three days required on site for installation.
Steps for home solar installation
1 Consultation
A Solar Specialist will call to discuss your home's potential for generating power from the sun. Looking at satellite imagery of your roof, they will advise you on placement for best performance, highlight possible shading issues and discuss preliminary sizing based on your electricity usage.

2 On-site Assessment
If, after your initial discussion, you and the Solar Specialist conclude that solar is a good fit, a Reliant preferred installer will visit your home and conduct a thorough shade analysis, examine and measure your roof, and determine the best method for connecting the solar system to your electrical service.

3 Design and Contract
With information from the on-site assessment, and working with the sales consultant, the installer's design team will engineer and price the ideal system for your home. If everything meets your approval, a contract is signed, and if financing is desired, the necessary paperwork is completed.

4 Installation/Permits
A Reliant preferred solar installer will work with you to schedule your installation, manage the permits and discoordinate the inspections. The paperwork process with the city and utility company is straightforward and will be handled by the installation company.

5 System Activation
Once your system has been inspected and approved for operation, the solar installer will energize the system and go over the main components. In addition, they will guide you toward the right electricity plan to receive credit for any excess power your system puts back on the grid.

FAQs: Solar panel installation
Is solar panel installation right for you? Here are some frequently asked questions about Reliant and our solar panel installation offerings.
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What are the benefits of rooftop solar panels?

Reliant Alternative Power

Reliant stays on the cutting edge of power. We believe alternative power is approaching its tipping point, and it's our job to make it work for every customer's unique lifestyle. Whether it's solar, backup or wind, it's alternative power. It's smart and easy, but most importantly, it's all yours.

How does solar installation work through Reliant?

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